Our Process

Build management process

We believe in making our developers’ life easier. So we practice continuous integration process for our projects which gives us following advantages

  • Reduce risks
  • Reduce repetitive manual process
  • Generate deployable software at any time at any place
  • Enable better project visibility
  • Establish greater confidence in the software product from the development team

Tools used for CI:

  • CruiseControl.Net, NAnt and SVN for .NET projects
  • Jenkins, Ant and SVN for PHP projects
Development process

We know what it means to work on a team to make a product by an immovable deadline!

So our engineers invented a software development process based on agile with scrum and iterative and incremental development that suits best for our projects. It has a plan-do-check-act cycle that ensures proper estimation, execution, verification/testing and deployment of the project. Creative works needs fun too. We keep that in mind during our planning/estimations. Seriously!

Software Quality Assurance Process

Core Testing or Black box testing

In Jaxara, we do not follow a traditional testing process. Before start testing, QA team analyzes the project’s requirement, understands it and makes sure that they are on the same page with the whole team about the specification. Based on the analysis, the requirement is broken down in to separate tasks and we prepare the potential test cases and test plans for testing the application. As we are concerned about the UI and overall design of the applications, we start testing right after the designer has completed the HTML slicing. This early testing helps us to save more time during Functional testing and cross browser testing. Based on the written and non-written test cases and test plans, we do the functional testing for each task once they have been completed. We also go through some Security testing and Load testing after an application has been fully developed.

Regression testing and Automation

Sometimes the requirement of an existing project changes, so we never forget about Regression testing. Most of the time we do this using automated testing tool. In Jaxara we give some extra values in Automated Testing. We are in a good practice to follow both manual and automated testing. Though manual testing gives us more accuracy to find out the critical issues, but it is also true that there are few exceptional bugs which cannot be found by manual testing. In that case we have to depend on automated testing. Mainly we use automated testing tools to test those tasks which need repeatedly testing. But we do not fully automate each and every project. We believe in ourselves more than tools.

Think like Client (Thilient)

We believe in the best quality of our products, so we always give our best effort to fulfill client’s demand. Before we deliver any product, we do Acceptance Testing to verify whether the application meets client’s specified requirements or not. We always take the ownership of the projects that we work on. We try to think like the clients (In short form we call this ‘Thilient’) and suggest additional functionalities to make our clients more comfortable with the application. It really helps us to deliver the applications in the best quality in time.

Evaluation process

Jaxara strongly believes that the evaluation cannot be only at the end of the year or something from mind or just someone's will. It should go through a formal process.

We at Jaxara evaluate everyone after every three months. All the managers sit together to discuss about each individual member and provide their feedbacks to one another. Then based on all the available data everyone is scored on some specific criteria. Thus, after each year we have four score sheets for each individual and performance is calculated based on these data.

Some of the attributes that Jaxara count for performance are Communication, Requirement Understanding, Technical expertise, Personality traits like Dedication, Dependability, Leadership, etc.

Recruitment process

Do you ever look around your company and wonder, "Isn't there anything else out there?"

Well, there is!

We believe in getting the job done, without reposing too much dependency on hierarchy. We know and believe that the best output always comes from the collaboration and that is the only reason we hire the best and the brightest engineers and  pave them a way to give their best shot, create cutting-edge solutions and provide exemplary customer service.

 Do you have what it takes to be a Jaxarian?

If you're looking for:

  • A typical 9-to-5 job
  • A "punch the clock" company
  • A formal office environment...

That's not us.

If you're looking for:

  • A place that is challenging, flexible, and fun
  • Excellent benefits
  • Perfect balance of work load
  • Pleasure trips
  • Friendly working environment
  • And much more...

Then you have come to the right place.

How do we know you are the right person?

So, how do we know you are the one we are looking for? In our recruitment process you will face an interview, a written test and a practical test. These tests are designed to find out your level of technical and interpersonal skills. It might seem a little bit extensive – but we just want to make sure you will fit into our family. And we do have the quality to get the best aptitude and guide the candidate throughout the journey of learning.