Our Learning

Yearly goal setting and planning

Every year, Jaxara identifies a few improving areas and plans for the individual departments to work towards those goals. Jaxara assigns dedicated resource to learn and explore on those items. Then the trainers conduct one or more sessions on those topics. Based on the topic, test works are assigned to the trainees to make sure everyone learnt as per the expectation.

Training and Learning

Jaxara is one of those places where you can always feel yourself living in a technology garden. Here you will find people who are extremely talented and skilled in their respective areas and always keen to spread their knowledge among all the team members. Jaxara has a culture where people are always learning new things and sharing among the other members. Whatever a new technology comes out under the technology pool that Jaxara works on, there are individuals who learn it, use it and train the other team members so that we as a team can improve our knowledge. So, you always will find the scope to work with and learn the most cutting edge tools and technologies here. We encourage learning, sharing and training through a fun driven environment where you can ask questions, give your opinions, have debates, do smile and at the end feel happy.

Here are the few ways how we enrich our knowledge base.
  • Technology Sessions to stay updated with the very fast run of the modern software technology trends.
  • Architecture Sessions to become capable of creating extensible, scalable and manageable software architecture for mission critical challenging and large systems.
  • Podcasts to explore how your thoughts are insightful.
  • Emails to know what is going on around the software industry.
  • Blogs to spread your skills and ideas through the community.
  • Discussion board to have discussions and debates on different technical aspects.
  • Sharing lessons from projects to deliver a chance to come across with the experiences  that your peers are getting evolving into other projects.
  • Pare programming to improve the quality of development.
  • On site help to ensure  that you are not stuck on any specific problem for a long time.
  • Research and development to open a big window for you to contribute the whole learning process of the team and showcase your imagination and efficiency.
Participate and speak in the industry events

Jaxara always encourages its team members to participate in different community events. When you are in Jaxara, you will automatically be inspired to talk, to debate and to learn from whatever events take place in software community – could be a seminar or be a webinar. Through encouragement of participating  these events you will become smart, confident and competent to grow as a real geek of your subject area.

Jack of all trades and master of some

Though it is encouraged, but we do not expect you to have supreme mastery of all the technologies. But you should really have a passion to learn. We believe that, a good learner can learn anything if given enough opportunity. Once you are in our hands, it is our duty to make you "Jack of all trades, master of some"! Because "Knowledge Sharing" is mandatory in Jaxara. You will find a famous quote here and there at Jaxara that we try to apply to our daily works - "What did you learn today? & What did you teach today?"

What if you already are a master? Please come and share your knowledge with us. Our thirst for knowledge never ends and we do not want to miss any learning opportunities.


Be in the company of experts

Our area of expertise varies greatly. We have members who are expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, etc. They possess the skills to be recognized worldwide. Some of them are MVP, MCTS, MCP, and MCSE. You will find that it a great opportunity to work with them. They are always into tuning up things for the project purposes but when it comes to help others, all of them are very good helping hands. They frequently organize training sessions for other members to deliver adequate knowledge but there is no limitation on joining a session. Most people consider this opportunity is one of best  things they get from us.

Work with US based architects and managers

Often our chief architect and management team from USA visit us. They usually bring news of new and cuttings edge technologies we will be using in near future. Also, they arrange training for members of Jaxara to share their experience in different technologies and frameworks. However, they are available each and every day, even when they are not here, through email and Skype. All of our team members keep direct communication with them to seek expert's advice. They also often suggest on specific feature or functionalities we build. Truly they are one of the great sources of knowledge.

Experienced QA and NE team

We have a really good and state of the art Quality Assurance team. They work at our first level of defense against bugs. They have been exerting all their efforts  to make quality products for our clients and provide an enormous contribution through the whole software development life cycle.  You will keep wondering, "How come I didn't think about these issues?" Our expert Network Engineering team is always here to help you by all means. Be it a database, a virtual server with specific platform, back up of contents from specific date, or just a playground for you - they will make sure you get this. They are the ones keeping our servers (in a sense, us) alive.


Brainstorming on various issues has become a part of Jaxara culture. Whenever any important decision needs to be taken for any project or task, people get together and discuss the pros and cons of different approaches, and most often they finally come up with an effective solution. It is not mandatory that the discussion always needs to be very formal or to be held at the conference room. It may be at any place or at any time. Most often, the discussions take place at the corridor where the fellows come up with some great ideas from their fertile brains over a cup of coffee.

KB site

Because of the various dimensions and nature of the projects, we often come across some kind of urgencies that we need to get bogged down into unique challenges and resorted to a copper-bottomed solution of technical difficulties.  That is why felt the urgency of a knowledge base site which can act as a reference for the other developers. Hence Jaxara has recently launched a fully featured knowledge base site http://kb.jaxara.com. Here our team members can write about their learning from critical tasks and of course the state of the art technologies they learn and use in different projects.