Our Expertise

Jaxara excel to provide state of the art solutions to its clients commensurate with the project budget.

In consideration of the budget, we can say that we provide the most efficient and robust solution to a project without adding overhead costs for the quality. We never compromise with the quality of our software, based on the budget. We believe that one poor solution will close down the client's expectations and faith that we have been possessing for years. Moreover, our continuous endeavor of providing better solutions has rewarded us with many big projects. Our pool of extraordinary programmers always keeps on learning new technologies and tries to integrate new techniques into the projects.

Center of Excellence
Titan .Net 4.0 Framework

This is a framework created by our team. This is an MVC framework that is highly configurable and extensible. It has support for developing both web and mobile applications. It offers customizable ORM. Build on Domain Driven Design pattern, this framework is a promising tool for our team to provide robust solutions with minimum time and maximum quality.


Drupal is a free software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization. Our programmers heavily use Drupal, not just to build applications faster but also to provide a well secured application. There is a rumor in the software industry that Drupal is only good for article and blog sites. But our solutions extend Drupal’s power to such an enormous level where it is possible to create websites having complex business logics. Our every solution with Drupal comes with an array of “unique”- out of the box technical solutions.


Ektron's CMS400.NET is a single application that provides the tools and features that are necessary to create, deploy, and manage web sites and intranets. It not only delivers a way of managing contents but also supports features like documents, assets and multi-media management. This tool supports online Forms, calendars, navigation, surveys and polls as well. Our programmers have continuously extended the features of Ektron’s CMS400.NET to serve complex business processes. We have successfully served both small and large size projects using Ektron. The highly extensible feature of Ektron, collaborated with our dedicated expert team has created a strong mode for simple or complex business solutions .


It is a web application platform developed by Microsoft. It is associated with web content management and document management systems. Our expert team is capable of providing CMS for publishing portal, document management, team site, wiki, custom workflow and so on using SharePoint.

User Interface and Experience

Our well-structured and brilliant solutions don’t come with a complex outlook. We keep all the complexity in the back door for us and provide a very easy and smooth user interface which creates an excellent user experience for our clients. Many would say that complex solutions don’t come easily but we say “Simple solutions don’t come easily”. A pool of programmers need to go through a series of brain storming sessions to provide a solution that will not let the user to wander around.


OS is Apple's proprietary mobile operating system (OS) for its handheld devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The operating system is based on the Macintosh OS X. Designed for use with Apple's multi-touch devices, iOS supports input through direct manipulation. The system responds to various user gestures, such as pinching, tapping and swiping.


Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google. With a user interface based on direct manipulation, Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, with specialized user interfaces for televisions (Android TV), cars (Android Auto), and wrist watches (Android Wear). The OS uses touch inputs that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, tapping, pinching, and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects, and a virtual keyboard. Despite being primarily designed for touchscreen input, it also has been used in game consoles, digital cameras, regular PCs (e.g. the HP Slate 21) and other electronics.


Based on customer needs we provide customized solutions on Healthcare, Entertainment, Media, Education and many others with our long-term commitment to support client goals.

Health Care
  • Event creation and send invitation to attend event
  • Event registration dynamic field creation option by admin
  • Customer relationship management
  • Report submission in different frequency
  • Dynamic form creation option on report submission section
  • Dynamic report creation facility for admin users
  • Video upload and sharing
  • Video bookmarking
  • Uploading and playing online games
  • Voting and ranking on videos & games
  • Association control panel
  • Membership subscription under association
  • Webinar video upload and sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Student admission and registration process
  • Student admission inquiry
  • Routine generate
  • Grade submission by teacher
  • Transcript generate for student
Social Networking
  • Group Creation (Private or Public)
  • Document Sharing on Group
  • Online Poll for groups
  • Discussion board among group members
  • Wiki, event calendar, invite friends etc.
Nonprofit Organization
  • Donation collection for charity
  • Donor information management
  • Email marketing to send newsletter
  • Event creation, sells tickets, invite supporters and collect donations.
Online email-marketing
  • General public can receive their own local events calendar
  • Event organizer promote their events free of charge
  • Publisher can send clients and friends an event calendar
  • Advertiser can publicize their business to the clients of publisher
  • Broadcast announcement of in-person events as customized emails