Our Culture

Participative management and decision making

While decision making we use participative style. Participative management instills a sense of pride and motivates employees to increase productivity in order to achieve their goals. We found that employees who participate in the decision -making process feel like they are a part of the team with a common goal, give them a sense of ownership and find their sense of self-esteem and creative fulfillment approaching new heights and dimensions. By using participative style we have also found that employees are very resilient to changes and can tremendously deal with the situations whenever is required for the projects. Changes are implemented more effectively as employees have input and contributions to decisions. Participation keeps employees informed of upcoming events so that they can be aware of the potential changes. Decisions are not meant to be a compulsion rather a collective effort to facilitate a step ahead in the right direction.


We maintain Total Quality Management (TQM) at our organization to improve our internal processes and increase customer satisfaction. Everyone in the company, from the workers on the line to the upper management we realize that we have an important part to play in ensuring high levels of quality in our products and services. Everyone has a customer to delight, and we all take a strong stand up for them.

What did you learn and what did you teach today?

We always practice the slogan “What did you learn today? & what did you teach today?”. We share our knowledge to each other regularly. So when one of us learns about new things he or she shares it with all of us by sending an email or conducting a quick knowledge sharing session or by posting it to our KB site. This helps us to update ourselves always with the new things and move forward to build a Knowledge centric organization. You learn, you teach, you share and you keep up with rapidly changing technology landscape.


We play indoor games such as table tennis, chess and darts during our free times almost every day that help us keep the pressure from our workloads low and our minds fresh. Every two - three months or so we arrange and host company tournaments on the games mentioned above, the winners are given lucrative prizes. To keep in shape for our tournaments, we can also take the full benefit of our exercise equipments. Our games and activities are not just reserved for our office environment, but also for our weekends, we regularly go out on weekends and play some outdoor games like cricket, football on the fields when we have some time.

Friendly environment

When you join us, you will not join a routined company where one simply walks in and works from 8.30 to 5.30, but into a family where the work is enjoyable. The environment allows us to work together and communicate in a flexible manner, in which colleagues help out one another in development as well as in everyday problems. Within weeks colleagues become more like friends making the prospect of coming in and working five days a week seem pleasant and enjoyable, sometimes one doesn’t even notice how time flies from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave. It seems like we are in a programming jamming session in our very own cozy place while having lots of fun rather than working in an office. This friendliness will always encourage you to express yourself, sharpen up your technical skill set and expand your knowledge to a new horizon with a definite mind set.

Staff Social Responsibility
With all the techno gadgets and gizmos, Jaxara does not forget the human element of the society it is part of.

Jaxara consists of technically diversified people with a unified interest in helping the people around them who are in need. The activities and the process of helping the distressed people had been phenomenal. Whenever, any member of Jaxara comes out with a straightforward email that we need to help somebody, that’s it! The contribution gets collected within 24 hours from the time the email is posted. The process for contributing is as simple as sending a single email, since there are no formalities to maintain. Nevertheless, some of our contributions to mention are given below:

Rangpur, Dec 2010
Two meritorious students were not able to get admission for higher studies. One of our members raised this situation and we were immediately off for the contribution and also followed up whether they were able to get admitted to a good institution for pursuing their dreams of higher studies or not, until we were pacified that they got admitted and are in good condition.
Dhaka, Dec 2011
A student of North South University got stabbed brutally and was hospitalized in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. The condition of the student was so severe, that it took 65 bags of blood within 2 days of hospitalization. The family of the student was not being able to cope with the out stream of the expenses for the medication. After we came to know this information from one of our members, we immediately accumulated a good amount of donation for this student. Later on we also followed the information of the student’s health condition relentlessly until we heard the student is alright.
Annual Winter Clothing Distribution
This has been a phenomenal event for us. Every year, we distribute winter clothing to the poor through our members. We have distributed winter clothing to rural areas of Dinajpur and Barisal.
Daily/Weekly Contributions
Besides helping distressed people annually and occasionally, our members are actively helping people on daily or weekly basis. There is an informal maintenance of the Tiffin. Regularly it happens that some members don’t have the Tiffin. These Tiffin is collected and kept in a separate place and then donated to the poor people especially the street beggars.