Our Organization

Jaxara Prides themselves as being curious, innovative, smart, strategic – a software symbiosis par excellence.

That is why Engineers and Managers – two very diverse genres work here hand in hand to present a global platform for the local talents to deliver “Client Happy” Products. That is why “You” would want to be the part of this cross cultural team to learn, to share and to grow and that is why “You as an Organization” wants Jaxara to be your strategic Software Partners to materialize the maximum potential of your Business.

But what does it mean to be curious, smart and strategic? How do you “do” them and how do you teach people how to “be” them? In some cases, the “Jaxara Way” is documented in a great proposal or case study or end product.

As our staff grows, and as we extend our expertise into diverse technologies and markets, it will become increasingly important for Jaxara to build its institutional memory so that future staffs and future clients can benefit from our knowledge and success. Asking questions like “How did we get here?” and “What worked and what didn’t?” are great ways to begin codifying the Jaxara Way. Engaging our smart team, and tapping their expertise and experience is another necessary component to ensure that we continuously learn from each other and improve our Way.

How we’re Special

Let’s take a brief, serious look at three ways we differ from most of our competitors.

Our Core Project Team

identifies what the client needs within the confines of the project budget; Deliver it—on time and on budget; and establish Jaxara as a valued, necessary and long term partner for new requirements that emerge throughout the process. We see a project as a start of a “relationship” and it does not end when it is delivered, Rather we continue to welcome them for their further enhancements as they ease into the elegant way of “doing things in the right way”

Subject Matter Understanding (SMU) Is Everything

Jaxara differs from other firms in another important, but subtle way: other firms typically “do what they’re told” during a project while we strive to gain as much subject matter understanding as possible . We believe in the Spirit of the requirements. In short, if something needs to be learned, we learn it be it technology, the business process and most importantly the mindset and vision of the client. How else can we expect to serve as a trusted external stakeholder for the client if we do not understand their business and mindset as well?

Strong Technical Team

Our premise glitters with the Rock Star individuals who are part of our development, quality assurance, networking, and management team. In one side we have expertise in core Microsoft Technologies – APS.NET, C#, MVC, SQL Server. On the flip side we are equally at ease with OPEN Source Technologies- PHP and Cold Fusion. On the CMS side we have EKTRON, SharePoint, and Orchard from .NET Gallery. From PHP Gallery we have Drupal, Word Press. As an Organization when you are approaching us you know you can have the best of the both world from one single source. For exciting user experience we have Jquery. We do not believe just in TESTING, we assure quality of the product we are developing.

The unique management structure of Jaxara has helped create a unique environment that is friendly and supportive.

Because everyone in the BD office is an employee of the parent US company we have a very friendly relationship between all tiers of the company; something rarely seen in a BD company.

The US team never interferes with the day to day running of the company which provides us the freedom to work within our cultural/national customs such as daily prayers, government holidays etc. while guiding and instructing us where their assistance is most required: in project development and management.

Sarder  Mehede  Dilder

Sarder Mehede Dilder is the country manager for Jaxara IT Ltd. His primary responsibility is to transform the vision of the US management team into a reality. So, on a day to day basis, he is involved in all the strategic decisions, recruitment and retention activities, legal affairs, etc. His personal motto is to establish Jaxara as model for the IT industry in BD.

Sarder Mehede Dilder possesses 25+ years of Executive/Management Level experience working within various National (Bangladeshi) and International and Non-Government Organizations. Most recently Mr. Dilder worked with Proshika, one of the largest Development Organizations of Bangladesh as Central Coordinator. Past Organizations include the Society For Peace and Development (SPD), an education based organization, which has a successful record of achieving significant behavioral change in various Educational Institutes within Bangladesh. Mr. Dilder has in-depth working experience within various Organizations. His experiences include human resource management, participatory planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluation, project team organization, recruiting, process monitoring and implementation, budgetary/cost responsibility, quality and time constraints.