Jaxara is an eventful software company where in each and every month there is something must to take place. It diversifies into so many different programs like employee recruitment, lunch and dinner party on different occasions, in house tournaments, and annual picnic and so on. Jaxara is proud to organize these eventful moments and bring such news on its website.
Jaxara Welcomes Four New Junior Software Engineers

Jaxara appointed four trainees out of eight as Junior Software Engineer(JSE) from August 1, 2009 after seven months training in the area of Software Development.

The new JSEs were welcomed with flowers and certificates on Sunday in a General Meeting at Jaxara Premises. Jaxara Developers, Quality Assurance Executives, Managers, CTO and Country Manager gave their speech on the occasion. The JSEs also expressed their thanks and interest in long term relationship with Jaxara.

Jaxara Adds Table Tennis and Dart to Recreation Facilities

Jaxara added new recreational facility for its employees. Since August 1, 2009 Jaxara introduced Table Tennis and Darts with Treadmill and Ab Kings, for recreation of its employees. This will hopefully enable all employees to better deal with stress and work load. The facility is also expected to improve overall health condition and promote physical activities of all BD team members.

Jaxara Recruits New PHP/CF Development Manager

Tanima Nasrin has joined Jaxara as the new PHP/CF Development Manager from July 1, 2009. She has worked in PHP for over five years. She is also skilled in web technologies and experienced in working with outsourcing companies . She did her BSc in Computer Science and MBA with major in Marketing and Finance from North South University.

Annual Picnic 2009

Jaxara arranged its annual picnic from March 25 to March 28, 2009. Jaxara members visited Rangamati and Cox's Bazar this year for annual picnic. Almost all Jaxara members and their families enjoyed this major recreation event held.

Jaxara Moves To New Premises

As a part of their expanding program, Jaxara moved to their new office premises on Monday, October 13, 2008. The new premises in Baridhara will offer more space to accommodate highly skilled team members as well as offer room for training, conference, administrative purpose as well as recreation.

Monjurul Alam Mamun Becomes CTO

Monjurul Alam Mamun, Senior Project Manager, was promoted as the Chief Technical Officer of Jaxara. The promotion announcement was made Wednesday, October 8. 2008, where Monjurul Alam Mamun was acknowledged for his dedicated service to Jaxara and efforts to make all projects successful. Monjurul Alam Mamun, during his speech, expressed his gratitude towards all members of Bangladesh team and stated that each member played their part in making projects success.

Jaxara Developers Become MCTS Certified

All .Net developers of Jaxara are now MCTS certified. As a result of continuous in-house training for certification, each developer appeared and passed MCTS examinations in groups. Jaxara US management formally rewarded all certified Jaxara members with crest as a recognition of their achievement.