Jaxara is an eventful software company where in each and every month there is something must to take place. It diversifies into so many different programs like employee recruitment, lunch and dinner party on different occasions, in house tournaments, and annual picnic and so on. Jaxara is proud to organize these eventful moments and bring such news on its website.
A Training Session Held on Selenium IDE Basics

Md. Masud Parvez, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer has taken a session on ‘Selenium IDE Basics’ on 06/21/2012, Thursday in the conference room at level-3, Jaxara. All the newly joined QA team members were present in the session. It was an hour long session. Topics were presented on several project specific test cases. Various questions were answered and tips were shared on this interactive session. An assignment was given including a video preparation to the participants to practice Selenium. Topics of the sessions were as follows-

  • Installation and Overview
  • Record and play
  • Insert Command
  • Insert Comment
  • Variables
  • Verify
  • Wait
  • JavaScript Snippet
  • Important Plug-ins
  • Condition Flow
  • Loop
Jaxara Recruits New Quality Assurance Engineer (QAE)

Mr. A. Z. M. Abdul Quayum has recently become a part of Jaxara team as a Quality Assurance Engineer with a motto of dedication and loyalty. He is working in SQA field for a year.

Jaxara Delivered a Pilot Project in the BI platform for the Health Industry

With achievement in Core PHP, Core, Drupal, Ektron and ColdFusion based projects, Jaxara started exploring Business Intelligence (BI) platform with Microsoft tools – SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and SharePoint. As a part of Proof-of-Concept, Jaxara successfully delivered a pilot solution in the BI platform for the health industry at the end of May. Learning, exploring and working are just fun in Jaxara. Existing .net developers were excited to learn these new technologies and implementing them in the pilot phase of the project. Our BI Team in Bangladesh was lucky to receive guidance from both USA and Bangladeshi  experts in the field.

Client is excited with the pilot delivery and there will be atleast four iterations of this project starting from this month. It will continue till the middle of the next year.

Mr. Ashiqul Islam Conducted Two Technical Sessions on Apache Solr

Two consecutive sessions on Apache Solr are conducted by Mr. Ashiqul Islam, Software Engineer on March 7th, 2012, Wednesday, and May 17th, Thursday. Both sessions are one hour long. All the developers and QAEs from PHP team were present in the session. Participates also did conduct Question & Answer sessions on their various issues related to Apache Solr as well. Following topics were discussed in the sessions-


Session 1 (Basic) on March 7th, 2012:

  • Meet apache solr

  • Features

  • Drupal Search Vs Apache solr

  • Lucene index format

  • Apache solr search integration in Drupal


Session 2 (Advanced use) on May 17th, 2012:

  • Workflow with Drupal
  • Fetched search

  • Indexing

  • Query building

  • Returned result

  • Hooks & theme

  • Test project

Mr. Ashek-E-Elahi Conducted Two Technical Sessions on CSS & CSS3

On 5th April, 2012, Thursday our UX Engineer Ashek –E-Elahi took a session on CSS. It was a one hour session where all the Developers and QAEs from PHP and .NET team were present. On 19th April, Thursday, 2012 he took another session on CSS3.

Both the sessions were taken to make all the developers and QAEs- a bit more oriented with CSS and CSS3 so that their advantages, scope, limitations may come across all the team members. All employees actively participated in Question and Answer sessions regarding CSS and CSS3. All of the questioners got their satisfactory answers from the sessions.  Following topics were discussed in the two sessions

Session 1

  • CSS - what it is and what not

  • CSS selectors and rule definition

  • Optimizations and best practice

  • Basic knowledge on CSS3


Session 2

  • CSS3 specifications i.e. Transforms & Transitions , Linear & radial gradients, CSS3 selectors

  • Right reason for CSS3 i.e. web fonts, less images

  • Browsers support

  • CSS3 features i.e. opacity, RGBA color, background-size

  • Browser prefixes

Jaxara Moves to New Office Location
On June 18, 2012 Jaxara has moved to a new office location. The new address is -House# 23, Road# 6, Block# D. Niketon, Gulshan-1, Dhaka- 1212. This six storied building has 54+ rooms. It has several meeting rooms, separate prayer rooms for both male and female, sports room includes table tennis and spacious roof to take a break in open space. Seating arrangements have been changed project and team wise. The new office is completely well planned and organized properly. Jaxara is expecting to recruit more resources in near future to manage its upcoming projects for both PHP and .Net teams.
Jaxara Recruits New BI Analyst

Mr. Shafiul Alam has recently joined Jaxara as BI analyst. He has nearly 6 years of experience as a Data warehouse developer.

Jaxara Recruits New Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer
Kollol Nag has recently joined Jaxara as a Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer with nearly 6 years of experience in software quality assurance and testing.
Buffet Lunch at "Baton Rouge"
The newly joined employees at Jaxara arranged a Great Buffet Lunch Party at “Baton Rouge" located at Pink City (7th Floor), Gulshan 2 on 10th May 2012. The party is a traditional and wonderful way to know the newly joined members and celebrate their new life and journey at Jaxara family. All members of Jaxara attended the party and newly joined members have been given a warm welcome.
Jaxara In-house Chess Tournament 2012
The Jaxara In-house Chess tournament 2012 finally draws to an end. This tournament has been a much awaited event at Jaxara. This event had all the employees excited about some good natured fun and entertainment. After some fierce competition among the star players we have the winners of this tournament.  
  • Champion: Mr. Kamruzzaman Titu
  • Runner Up: Mr. Debashish Bhowmick