Jaxara is an eventful software company where in each and every month there is something must to take place. It diversifies into so many different programs like employee recruitment, lunch and dinner party on different occasions, in house tournaments, and annual picnic and so on. Jaxara is proud to organize these eventful moments and bring such news on its website.
First Training Session Held on WordPress

As a part of the GOAL 2012 program, a technical session took place on the 10th October, Wednesday by our Senior Software Engineer Mr. Mohammad Sajjad Hossain on ‘WordPress’. This is his first session on this topic. All the developers and QAEs from PHP team were present in the session. Participants also attended in Question & Answer session on their various issues related to site deployment. Following topics were discussed in the session: —

  • Introduction
  • Site setup and configuration
  • Brief idea on WordPress Administration panel
  • Theme development

We will have another session on WordPress Plugin Development, Security and data sanitization very soon. 


Jaxara Recruits New Lead Software Engineer (Acting DM-PHP)

Mr. Tahsin Hasan has recently joined Jaxara as Acting Development Manager with 7 years of professional working experience in software companies in Bangladesh.

Jaxara Recruits New Software Engineer (SE)

Mr. Aftab Quraishi has recently joined Jaxara as a Software Engineer. He has over 8 years of industry experience.



Jaxara Recruits New Sr. Software Engineer (SSE)

Mr. Shoriful Islam has recently joined Jaxara as a Sr. Software Engineer with nearly 8 years of experience in software Industry.

Jaxara Recruits New Software Engineer (SE)

Md. Jahirul Islam has recently joined Jaxara as a Software Engineer. He has nearly four years of experience in software Industry.

Study tour by the student of CSE Dept from PSTU at Jaxara.

The students of CSE Department of The Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU) visited Jaxara on 4th October, Thursday. The purpose of the visit was to have an idea on the day-to-day activities and challenges of an off-shore Company. The tour lasted for about two hours.  The Management of Jaxara gave orientation of existing processes of Jaxara, their expectations from the Educational institutions and shares their experiences to motivate the students to prepare for the IT industry in upcoming years.

The team consisted of thirty-five students of 4th year from CSE Dept. lead by Md. Kamal Hossain Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, CSE department, PSTU.  The Speakers from Jaxara were –

  • Mr. Monjurul Alam Mamun, Chief Technology Officer
  • Sarder Mehede Dilder , Country Manager
  • Ahammad Firoj , Development Manager, Dot Net
  • Tanima  Nasrin, Development Manager, PHP
  • Shiblee  Mehdi, Quality Assurance Manager 

The session ends up with Question and answers session with light refreshment. The students walked around the Jaxara office and talked to the existing employees and their seniors from PSTU University at Jaxara. 

Jaxara Recruits New Software Engineer (SE)

Imam Jafar Shadaque (Ratan) has recently joined Jaxara as a Software Engineer with nearly 6 years of experience in PHP web development.

Mr. Ashek Elahi has been recognized as one of the Authors of JqueryUI Project.

Mr. Ashek Elahi, UX Engineer of Jaxara has been recognized as Author of JQueryUI project.

All of the employees of Jaxara feel proud to celebrate this recognition of their fellow colleague. This recognition also set an example of Bangladeshi IT personnel -contributing along with the global contributors in the open source community. 

Buffet Lunch at "Flambé"

The newly joined employees at Jaxara arranged a Great Buffet Lunch Party at “Flambé" located at House No-6, Road No-50, Gulshan-2 on 6th September 2012. The party is a traditional and wonderful way to know the newly joined members and celebrate their new life and journey at Jaxara family. All members of Jaxara attended the party and newly joined members have been given a warm welcome.

Jaxara Recruits New Software Engineer (SE)

Mr. Sudipta Kumar Paik has recently joined Jaxara as a Software Engineer. He has nearly two years experience in software development.