Mr. Sohel Ahmed Conducted a Technical Sessions on "Selenium Grid integration with IDE & Testing Framework"


Mr. Sohel Ahmed, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer has taken a technical session on "Selenium Grid integration with IDE & Testing Framework". The session held on 28th January - 2013, Monday at level -3 conference room from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This is the second session in the series on Selenium Grid and third session on Selenium Automation. All the QAEs from both PHP and .NET team were present. The session covered the topics below:


Install and Setup the necessary Tools

  • Selenium Server
  • JAVA
  • Eclipse (IDE)
  • TestNG (Testing Framework)


Create the Test Script & make it compatible for Selenium Grid

  • Create Project
  • Writing selenium grid program
  • Convert the test script into TestNG (Refactoring)


Create the Environment to run the test case

  • Run Selenium Hub in own machine
  • Register node in remote machine (Windows)
  • Register node in remote machine (MAC)


Run the Test case

  • Run script from IDE in own machine
  • Make confirm the test case runs successfully in all registered remote machines


In this session the full process was practically shown with the real example of existing projects.

The next session of this series is planning and will be notified shortly.