Mr. Ashek-E-Elahi Conducted Two Technical Sessions on CSS & CSS3


On 5th April, 2012, Thursday our UX Engineer Ashek –E-Elahi took a session on CSS. It was a one hour session where all the Developers and QAEs from PHP and .NET team were present. On 19th April, Thursday, 2012 he took another session on CSS3.

Both the sessions were taken to make all the developers and QAEs- a bit more oriented with CSS and CSS3 so that their advantages, scope, limitations may come across all the team members. All employees actively participated in Question and Answer sessions regarding CSS and CSS3. All of the questioners got their satisfactory answers from the sessions.  Following topics were discussed in the two sessions

Session 1

  • CSS - what it is and what not

  • CSS selectors and rule definition

  • Optimizations and best practice

  • Basic knowledge on CSS3


Session 2

  • CSS3 specifications i.e. Transforms & Transitions , Linear & radial gradients, CSS3 selectors

  • Right reason for CSS3 i.e. web fonts, less images

  • Browsers support

  • CSS3 features i.e. opacity, RGBA color, background-size

  • Browser prefixes