Jaxara TT news


Once again Jaxara is organizing a TT tournament which is taking place in the company premises.
Participants include all members of the Jaxara team.
This time it is a doubles tournament consisting of 10 teams in all. Each team will play every other team with 2 teams eventually fighting for the title.

Additional attraction this time is a results prediction software which was first introduced during this tournament. The software enabled everyone to predict the result of each match at the start of the tournament. After every match, actual results are updated in the software. For every correct prediction, the participant wins points and a webpage enables everyone to view everyone else's results. This prediction 'by-game' has created unprecedented excitement among the whole team and turned the tournament into a entertaining event for all.

TT Champion: Syedur and Wasim

TT Runner Up: Mahmud and Zaif

Prediction Champion: Syedur

Prediction Runner Up: Titu