Jaxara announces promotion in year 2015


Jaxara declared the promotion of year 2015 to salute and honor the dedication, sincerity and extra ordinary skill people have shown over the year.  
Beside this, Jaxara created two new positions in the organizational hierarchy for the top tier people to let them reach newer heights.

From Management:
•    Ahammad Firoj:  Promoted as Assistant Vice President along with his current responsibility of Development Manager.

From .NET team:
•    Md. Khairul Islam, Md. Shariful Haque Zamee, Md. Khorshed Alam: Promoted as Lead Software Engineer
•   Md. Imtiaz Sayeed Borno, Imtiaz Morshed Bin Zaman, Tanvir Fayez, Kazi Abdul Mohite, Md. Jahirul Islam, Samina Azad: Promoted as Senior Software Engineer

From PHP team:
•    A.K.M Golam Jilani, Tarek Jubaer Shammoy: Promoted as Development Manager
•    Linkan Pagal, Ahad Noor Alam: Promoted as Senior Software Engineer

From QA team:
•    Kollol Nag: Promoted as Lead Quality Assurance Engineer
•    Abdullah Md. Saad, Abdul Quayum, MD Mostakimur Rahman, Fahim Hossain: Promoted as Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

From NE team:
•    Md. Abdullah Al Mamum: Promoted as Senior System Engineer
•    Ashfaq-Ur-Rahman: Promoted as System Engineer