First Training Session Held on Symfony


As a part of the GOAL 2012 program, a technical session took place on the 6th November, Tuesday by our Senior Software Engineer Mr. Mahbub E Elahi Ron on ‘Symfony’. This is first session on this topic. All the developers and QAEs from PHP team were present in the session. Participants also attended in Question & Answer session on their various issues related to site deployment. Following topics were discussed in the session: —

- Symfony key concepts

o   SoC, DI, MVC, Routing, ORM.

- Components, Bundles

- Know about documentations and communities.

- Hello World Demo!

o   Installation, configuration.

o   Create a helloWorldBundle!

o   Use console, {generate}

o   Primers: db connection, twig, doctrine

o   Environments and debug tools (dev, staging, production)

There will be another 3 session on Symfony by this month.