Our Benefits

At Jaxara we believe that each employee is an asset to the company and is the major driving force to take Jaxara towards the future.

Attracting new talent and keeping experienced employees have never been more important than it is today. Jaxara believes that a great workplace is not only significant for employees but also for the business. Jaxara's innovative culture is represented in every customer engagement and contributes to the company’s continuous revenue growth.

The Jaxara culture is based on belief, flexibility and standards. The company has been recognized for this culture, which encourages creativity and innovation while helping employees balance work and life. Jaxara believes, happy & healthy employees are productive employees. The company offers a wide range of benefits to reduce stress and distraction and let employees focus on their work. This approach creates an environment that integrates company values with employee needs. And this is how an environment should be, where an employee always seeks for his whole 8 hours a day more enjoyable so that he can enjoy his work, feel the passion about his job and the best knowledge can be accomplished.

Annual Leave

Each employee will be entitled to 20 days annual holiday and all Government holidays. There is a leave encashment benefit for certain number of working days out of 20 days annual leaves.

A pleasant working environment

We are not only improving our work force day by day, but also working hard to provide staff with the best possible working environment. We already have:

  • Office in a six storied building at Gulshan-Niketon with 18000 sq. ft. of total spaces.
  • It has 54+ rooms.  All rooms are well furnished, air conditioned and equipped with latest instruments.
  • One big conference room with sitting capacity of 100 people. It has several mini meeting rooms for team discussion and brainstorming sessions.
  • Two receptions at ground floor.
  • One sports room includes a table tennis and mini gym.
  • One big dining room.
  • Separate prayer rooms for both male and female
  • Self-help kitchens on each floor
  • Elevator and generator facilities
  • Broadband internet connection from multiple providers.
  • The basement car parking facility

Transport is always a major concern to us. With high traffic during morning and evening hours, Jaxara is concerned about the hassles of its employees and just to pave the way of getting into office on time and enable comfortable and safe arrival and departure, its transportation scheme came into the foreground. The company provides a number of vehicles in various routes so that it is easier for the team members to avail them.


Jaxara believes only healthy people can make Healthy Software. Every Software Engineer understands the importance of having sound body and mind. Rising medical care costs and other economic uncertainties call for innovative and constructive approaches to collective bargaining on health care and benefits issues. That is why all employees of Jaxara are covered with Medical Benefits. Married people also get medical benefits for their spouse and children. Coverage includes medical and prescribed drug, as well as dental and other surgical treatment costs. Jaxara helps employees live healthy, creative and productive lives. .

Jaxara also had immunization and nutrition programs for their employees.

Lunch & Other Meals
Lunch & Other Meals

To ensure healthy living, Jaxara provides regular lunch along with snacks at various times during the day. On demand Coffee and Tea are available. Employees are free to order any meal while working after office time. Dining facilities are excellent and most importantly it is totally hygienic. Jaxara also arranges lunch or dinner on regular occasions in the best restaurants.

It is worth mentioning that hygiene is always preserved here to live a healthy life.

Family Events
Jaxara believes in family and considers each and every employees' family members their very own. Jaxara thus rejoices the excellence of events like wedding ceremony, birth of a new family member etc and celebrates it together with all members of the family .
Festival Bonuses

This bonus is paid out twice a year to their employees so that they can enjoy their major religious festivals along with their family whole heartedly. The festival bonus, equivalent to one month's consolidated salary is provided way before the major religious festivals so that they can prepare for the festivals with ease and enjoy it as much as possible.

Internet @ home

Jaxara understands the importance of internet to learn new things and maintain communication among friends and peers. To enable all members of Jaxara team stay in touch with their friends and loved ones, Jaxara facilitates internet service at home. Since employees are not expected to work from home, the internet service is provided solely so that members of Jaxara can keep in touch with their friends and family, or learn through numerous resources available on the cloud.

Annual performance raise

Jaxara constantly reviews the performance of its employees. Each employee, throughout the year, gains experience and skills in working with Jaxara on various development projects. Jaxara, as an acknowledgement of their skill and experiences offers a yearly raise on the employees' salary based on the performance. We also help to increase the performance through different goal programs.

Yearly Staying Bonus

As an appreciation to the team member's service to the company, Jaxara provides a Yearly Staying Bonus. Jaxara recognizes all employees' dedication and devotion towards the company and offers this bonus as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement of their service.

Off-day Salary

Unlike most of the offices in Bangladesh, Jaxara does not believe in over working of its team members. On some rare occasions and project demand, if employees need to attend office during their weekends and on any off days, Jaxara acknowledges the sacrifice of the employees and make a compensation on behalf of the company. The organization, as a token of its appreciation provides its employees Off-day Salary  to compensate for their leisure hours.

Year End Profit Sharing Bonus

Jaxara introduced Year End Profit Sharing Bonus. Employees will receive a profit sharing bonus based on company's profit of the year.


As a continuous effort to increase the skills and expertise of Jaxara employee, the organization offers training programs so that individuals can deal with their task more efficiently. The trainings take place on programming, quality assurance, project management etc. Each year we arrange a set of Goal programs with the target of improving the skill of developers, quality assurance members, managers and the overall process. High quality training materials are being created and several sessions are taken on different topics under goal programs. We have a huge storage of training and skill development materials prepared by experts, which are access by employees on demand.